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Writing Groups and Workshop Series

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Writing Groups

​Do you have a lot of writing to do this semester? Sign up for a writing group!

Undergraduate writing groups are led by Undergraduate Writing Tutors and meet weekly (either in person or virtually). Participants spend most of the time writing--being in the company of others who are also working hard on their drafts is very motivating! If the group members are interested, the group might sometimes offer each other feedback on drafts or discuss relevant writing challenges or issues. 

Spring 2022 Undergraduate Writing Groups:

Tuesdays, 7-8pm in Morris 017 or online

Wednesdays, 2-4pm in Morris 017 or online

Thursdays, 6-8pm online only

Register at spring 2022 undergrad writing groups

Spring 2022 Online Workshops

The following workshops will be offered via Zoom during the Spring 2022 semester.  A link to the workshop will be sent to all registrants a few days before the workshop is scheduled to take place. Workshops are open to any students or staff with an active email address. 

Register for workshops here: Spring 2022 workshops

Who Do You Tell Them You Are: Writing Personal Statements

Weds, March 2 & Weds March 9 @ 10am

Writing personal statements can be a difficult business; this workshop will help you with reading a prompt and figuring out what kinds of information will most help you achieve your goals. This workshop is great for people applying to graduate school, internships, jobs, or other professional opportunities.

How to Begin at the Beginning: Starting a paper or project

Weds, March 16 & Weds March 23 @10am

Getting started can be the hardest part of writing. This workshop will help you practice brainstorming, idea generation, planning, and other valuable early and pre-writing techniques that lay the groundwork for a finished project. 

Arguing with Yourself and Others: Composing Academic Arguments

Mon, April 4 & Mon, April 11 @12pm

A lot of the writing both undergraduate and graduate students do involves making academic arguments. In this workshop, participants will discuss how to build strong arguments by considering audience, crafting a clear thesis statement, and incorporating appropriate evidence. 

Abstracting Your Ideas

Tues, April 12 @ 2pm & Weds, April 13 @ 3pm

You've written the paper. Now it's time to write the abstract. Distilling all your hard work down to a single paragraph can be quite a challenge! This workshop will help you to build the skills to concisely convey the points of your research and encourage your audience to read more. 

Cleaning Your "Room": Revising for Organization

Weds, April 13 @1pm and Fri, April 15 @ 1pm

When we write a first draft, we're sometimes still discovering what we have to say and how it all fits together. That's normal! But, for a reader to follow the logic or argument in our writing, that writing needs to be well organized. In this workshop, participants will learn about techniques for reflecting on and revising a draft for strong, clear organization.

Polishing Your Vehicle: Revising for Style and Clarity

Thurs, May 5 @ 11am and Weds May 11 @ 1pm

So, your draft is written, you've revised for content and organization, and now you're ready to polish your prose. For most writing in academia, clarity is key for writing success--and a little style sure doesn't hurt! This workshop will teach you some techniques to revise sentences and paragraphs for clarity and style. 


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Writing Groups and Workshop Series
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