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Peer Writing Tutors and Oral Communucation Consultants

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The writing center undergraduate staff are a lively, talented, supportive group of peers. We strive to make the writing center an inclusive space for all students and celebrate diversity among our clients and staff. This includes welcoming both student writers and peer tutors from all cultural, ethnic, racial, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, health and parenthood status groups. Our diverse perspectives make our group stronger! 

The University Writing Center is staffed by undergraduate students majoring in many of the disciplines offered at the University and by graduate students in the English department's graduate program.​

What Undergraduate Writing Tutors and Oral Communication Consultants do:

Undergraduate writing tutors first take a 3-credit course called Engl 392: Teaching Writing One-to-One. Oral Communication Consultants take an equivalent course more focused on teaching speaking skills: Comm 350.  During that semester, they learn about the theory and practice of supporting individuals' writing or speaking development both through classroom activities and through observing in the writing center. 

Upon successful completion of the course, students are eligible to be chosen to work in the writing center. As peer tutors or consultants, they work regular hours every week in the writing center meeting individually with writers and speakers working on many kinds of projects. Often, peer tutors and consultants are placed as writing or speaking Fellows. Being a Fellow means the tutor support's one professor's students by attending class to help with in class activities and meeting with students outside of class for individual support.

In addition, some of our staff take on additional roles and responsibilities in the writing center, including mentoring newer tutors, writing for or editing our in-house newsletter, developing resources for writers, participating in outreach events, or conducting and presenting writing center research. Regular staff meetings provide our tutors and consultants opportunities to share experiences, learn about tutoring practices, and do fun stuff to connect with their colleagues.

Becoming a writing tutor:

ENGL 392 is offered during the spring semester. During the preceding fall semester, eligible students will be invited by email to apply to take the course and subsequently work in the writing center. A student can be eligible to apply either by GPA & Major or Minor (3.5 or higher; Major or Minor in CAS) or by special recommendation from a professor or UD organization leader. 

The email invitation to apply details the application requirements--typically, a personal statement in response to a provided prompt, an application form, and 3 academic writing samples. Students with the strongest application packets are invited for an interview with the Writing Center Administrators. If an applicant's interview demonstrates that they will likely make a strong contribution to our staff, they are enrolled in ENG 392. Upon successful completion of the course, they will be offered a position as a writing tutor.

If you are a freshman or sophomore student and do not receive an invitation to apply by the beginning of October, feel free to email our Director at to ask about applying. The application and interview process typically lasts through November  and decisions are made around or before Thanksgiving.

Becoming an Oral Communication Consultant:

Comm 350 is offered every spring semester. To enroll in the course, students must first email the professor requesting a quick interview. Students accepted into the course are not guaranteed a position as an Oral Communication Consultant, because it's a growing program still, with more applicants interested than we have spots for. However, successful completion of the course gives a student a strong chance at being offered a position.

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Peer Writing Tutors and Oral Communucation Consultants
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