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Oral Communication Consultants

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The Oral Communication Consultants


​Our consultants provide individualized feedback on any stage of the speech

preparation process. 

The Oral Communication Consultants (formerly the Oral Communication Fellows) are undergraduate peer tutors who are able to assist any UD student with their oral communication or presentational needs. Whether you are enrolled in a class that requires a presentation, need assistance preparing for a professional or research presentation, or are simply seeking to become a more skilled communicator, the OCC provides one-to-one consultations specific to your goals, challenges, and skills.

In addition to one-to-one consultations, the OCC may also offer brief classroom visits or workshops on pre-selected topics. These will be facilitated by the Associate Director or OCC Staff and may cover one of the following: Delivery Essentials, Visual Aid 101, Speech Anxiety, or Effective Speech Preparation. For further inquiries regarding the OCC and its services, please contact Christopher Volker (, Associate Director of Oral Communication.​

Topics that may be covered within one-to-one consultations include:

  • Delivery essentials (Voice, Body Positioning, Hand Gestures, Eye Contact)
  • Effective visual aids (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote)
  • Refining your thesis
  • Organizing your outline
  • Persuading your audience
  • Crafting a strong introduction and conclusion
  • Effective transitions statements
  • Proper use of oral citations

To register for an OCC appointment, please visit our Online Scheduler​ and select the "Oral Communication Consultants- Fall 2017" schedule in the drop down menu. If this your first time using the Writing Center Scheduling System, please be sure to register for an account before attempting to log in.​

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Oral Communication Consultants
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Oral Communication Consultants
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  • Phone: 302-831-1168