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Writing Centers Workshop Series

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Fall 2021 Online Workshops


The following workshops will be offered via Zoom during the Fall 2021 semester.  A link to the workshop will be sent to all registrants a few days before the workshop is scheduled to take place. Workshops are open to any students or staff with an active email address. 

Register for workshops here: Fall 2021 Workshop Registration

Writing in College: Peer Tutors' Advice

Wednesday, September 15 @ 3pm

Writing is an important way college students create and share knowledge; it's also an important way faculty assess student learning. Often, writing expectations at UD differ significantly from ones you may have encountered in high school or in 2-year colleges. A panel of peer writing tutors--all successful college writers themselves--share their experiences with and insights into writing at UD. They will also be happy to answer your questions.

You can watch the recording of this workshop here

Conquering Speech Anxiety 

Thursday, September 16 @ 4pm

Ever feel nervous before giving a speech or presentation? Want to know how you can adapt this feeling into an effective delivery style? This workshop will enable participants to identify common causes of speech anxiety and provide techniques to harness these fears into a dynamic presence.

Incorporating Sources: Paraphrase, Summary, and Quotation 

Wednesday, October 6 @ 3pm

Academic writing often requires incorporating the ideas, arguments, or data of published scholarly work into an original argument or essay. In this workshop, participants will learn about the three ways academic writers integrate sources: paraphrase, summary, and quotation.  (Note: while this workshop will not focus on the technicalities of citation in APA, MLA, or Chicago style, the presenter can offer suggestions about where student writers can find that kind of information).

PowerPoint(ers): Tips & Tricks for Effective Visual Aids

Thursday, November 4 @ 4pm

We've all seen a bad visual aid: Too much text. Blurry Images. Clashing color choices. This workshop provides strategies to creating effective visual aids (PowerPoint, Google Slide, Prezi, etc...) that not only aid your presentation, but enhance it. 

Revision Strategies for Power & Clarity

Wednesday, November 10 @ 3pm POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 17, 3PM

A common critique faculty have of student writing is that the writer's meaning isn't always clear. That's not surprising in a first draft--after all, you might still be figuring out what you mean at the time you are writing it. This workshop is designed to help student writers develop strategies for revising a rough first draft into a powerful and clear piece of writing.

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Writing Centers Workshop Series
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