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Writing Fellows

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As part of its efforts to support the teaching of writing, the UD Writing Center trains undergraduate writing fellows to assist full-time faculty members with the instruction of writing in courses throughout the University curriculum.

During the Fall 2019 semester, the Writing Center's Writing Fellows Program is on hiatus, but faculty have other options to request special writing support from our undergraduate tutoring staff:

Limited Duration Writing Fellows: The Writing Center will supply one or two writing tutors to act as writing fellows for your course for a limited duration--for a drafting or revising cycle for one paper, for example, or for a two-week period when your students are compiling a final portfolio, etc. The fellows will meet with you to learn more about the writing assignment and your expectations, then will schedule individual appointments with students from your course to offer them feedback on their drafts.

In Class Writing Peer Response Sessions: Writing tutors can visit your class to help your students complete small-group peer response. The writing center can design peer response procedures for you, or we can work with the structure and prompts you usually use. Either way, writing tutors will help your students give effective peer response.

In class Writing Time Support: If you have your students using class time to draft or revise their papers or projects, writing tutors can visit your class during that time to chat individually with your students as they work, offering quick feedback on ideas or text.

We need time to organize these types of support, so please submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance of the date you are requesting the service. You may request any of these services here.

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Writing Fellows
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Writing Fellows
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