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Writing Fellows

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Full Semester Writing Fellows

As part of its efforts to support the teaching of writing, the UD Writing Center trains undergraduate writing fellows to assist full-time faculty members with the instruction of writing in courses throughout the University curriculum. Writing Fellows attend class meetings, meet with students individually or in small groups to discuss their drafts-in-progress, help facilitate peer response and discussions, and offer feedback to the professor on writing assignments and students' progress. Working with a Writing Fellow is much like working with an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, with a focus especially on student writing.

Please check out the 2020-21 Faculty & Fellows Handbook to read more about what Writing Fellows can do and what a commitment to a Writing Fellow would mean for you. 

To request a Writing Fellow for Fall 2021, please complete the Writing Fellow Fall 2021 request form by August 2. 

Short Term Writing Fellows

If you want a Writing Fellow for your course, but only for one paper cycle (usually 2-4 weeks) instead of for the whole semester, you may request a Short-Term Writing Fellow. A Short Term Fellow can do the kinds of things a Writing Fellow does, but for a shorter period. They will start by scheduling a meeting with you to learn more about the assignment and your expectations, then will schedule individual meetings with your students. A Short Term Writing Fellow can also help you with in-class activities like peer response during their attachment to your course.

This option also works well for courses that include a final portfolio of writing that students will be perfecting during the last few weeks of classes. 

Requests for a Short Term Writing Fellow have the best chance of being accommodated when you give the Writing Center plenty of time to set it up. Please give us at least 2 weeks notice (more is always great!). 

A form to request a short-term writing fellow during fall 2021 will be available here soon. Check back in August!


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Writing Fellows
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Writing Fellows
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