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Other Services for Faculty

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Consultations on Teaching Writing

​Writing Center Director, Dr. Jennifer Follett, is happy to discuss writing pedagogy with faculty who teach writing in any discipline or who rely on writing assignments to assess student learning. You may want to ask for a consultation if:

  • You plan to integrate a new writing assignment into your course;
  • You are not getting the results you hope for from students' writing;
  • You have questions about how to give feedback to student writers or how to evaluate their writing;
  • You would like to try informal writing assignments as learning tools and want to brainstorm how;
  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of time you spend responding to and grading student writing. 

Email Jen at to set up a time to talk!

Consultations on Teaching Speaking or Multimodal Presentations

​Many UD faculty incorporate individual or small group presentations into their courses to help students learn material; enhance their graphic design and public speaking skills; and to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. 

Writing Center Associate Director for Oral Communication, Christopher Volker, is happy to discuss efforts like integrating presentations, speeches, and poster projects into your course. You can ask him about:

  • Assigning individual or group presentations;
  • Supporting students' multimedia projects with feedback and resources;
  • Evaluating multimedia or speech assignments.

Email Chris at to set up a time to talk!

Writing Fellows Roundtable


​If you think you might be interested in requesting a Writing Fellow for your class, but are not sure how best to integrate them into your class, join us for a Writing Fellows Roundtable. Faculty who have worked with Writing Center Writing Fellows will talk about their experiences and will happily answer your questions and help you think through what a Writing Fellow could do for you.

Fall Writing Fellows Roundtable date TBA (will be in November).

Winter 2021 Reflection & Planning Workshop: January 5,6 & 8

Registration deadline December 11, 2020.

If you taught writing in any discipline (or incorporated writing assignments into your classes in a significant way) and also plan to teach writing in the spring semester, you may want to attend our Winter Workshop: Reflection & Planning. 

Join us for 3 chilly winter mornings (from the comfort of your own home!) to reflect on your Fall 2020 experience with teaching writing in online courses and plan how you will apply what you learned to your spring 2021 classes. 

Day 1 January 5, 9am-12pm: Participants will engage in reflection activities to analzye our Fall 2020 experiences with teaching writing online--successes, challenges, questions. 

Day 2 January 6, 9am-12pm: Participants will use our reflections from Day 1, along with some resources on planning, facilitating, and evaluating online writing assignments, to begin planning or revising our Spring 2021 writing assignments.

Day 3 January 8, 9am-12pm: Participants will have worked on their own on January 7 to flesh out syllabi, assignment sheets, or Canvas modules. Today, participants will share from their plans/revisions with the group for feedback. 

Register by December 11, 2020 here.

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Other Services for Faculty
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Other Services for Faculty
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